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MF Electrix was established in October 2005 by Mr. Louis Micallef and his family. After building a business specializing in plants and flowers, landscaping and property negotiation it was time for the Micallef family to expand their business venture.

Mr. Sylvan Micallef son of Mr. Louis Micallef took over the project a shop supplying lighting and electrical products, after finding the perfect place and location on the island.

In 2005 MF Electrix opened its shop in Birkirkara. Now after 13 years of experience, MF Electrix has grown making a name of its own in the lighting and electrical sector and expanding its client database.

Right from the start, MF Electrix established itself at the vanguard of local suppliers of electrical and lighting products for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

On the electrical side the company acts as the distributor for a number of companies, including Siemens and supplies industry with electrical equipment for distribution, control and automation systems. MF Electrix works with clients to supply the optimal solutions to suit their requirements.

MF Electrix has been importing and distributing some of the best brands in Europe for the past years and is looking forward to adding more products to its portfolio.

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